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H M white t shirt
13 AUD –

Rag bone JEAN blue jacket
360 AUD –

CIMARRON khaki pants
210 AUD –

Lace up boots
23 AUD –

Pendleton leather bag
585 AUD –

Black face makeup
17 AUD –

Monochrome Elegance

Monochrome Elegance

T By Alexander Wang white top
350 AUD –

Sabine Luise longline coat
6 220 AUD –

Roberto Cavalli black pants
1 840 AUD –

Christian Louboutin black leather boots
1 470 AUD –

Givenchy black purse
2 180 AUD –

Platinum ring
9 790 AUD –

ORWELL chain necklace
89 AUD –

Avgolemono Soup

Remember when you were little and you’d get sick and the family remedies to make you feel better? Chicken soup, vegetable soup etc.

Well if you were like me and grew up in a household with Greek heritage you should be all too familiar with the little miracle worker known as Avgolemono Soup. This was the magic soup that we still as adults ask for when we have a cold or cough or really anything wrong with us ever.

It really does work wonders. Now I cant make it as good as my mother or Yia-Yia (that means grandmother in greek) and I have certainly had some epic failures (never ever use bought stock be them liquid or cubes and never brown rice) trust me. But I finally had success.

So I thought I would share a small recipe with all my lovely followers as I have people asking me all the time what is it and how do I make it. So my first food post here I go.

You will need:

1 Chicken (or chicken legs if making a smaller batch)

White Rice (as ,many cups as you need depending on serving size)

1 Lemon

1 Egg


Boil your chicken in some water in saucepan (you can also use a pressure cooker).

Once the water is boiled take out the chicken and remove any leftover chicken from the pot.

Put the rice in the water to start boiling. Don’t let the rice get too big and mushy. (some people like a thicker soup I myself prefer it runnier).

Once the rice has cooked crack an egg in a little bowl ans start whisking it. Slowly add in some of the boiling water from the soup to the egg whisking as you go. Do this carefully as to not curdle the egg. Once you think you have added enough water add it into the soup.

Add in your squezzed lemon for the taste.

You can add the chicken back into your soup or fry it or roast it in the oven. I prefer it crunch and fried or baked.

Now you are ready to serve it up.

Just a few tips, always use white rice not brown or anything else. Always boil the chicken in the water never use chicken stock. If you do these first two your soup will look and taste vile!! Trust me I know from experience. Here you go a lovely home cooked remedy that tastes amazing.

Happy cooking.

nov2014 149

A Beginners Guide To Red Lipstick

“Beauty, to me is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick” – Gwyneth Paltrow

A beginner’s guide to red lipstick sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Well that is because it really is.

I would say you could probably split the female population into two categories: those that wear red lipstick and those who just haven’t tried it yet.

Ever since I was a kid I was obsessed with red lipstick. My mother had a great vibrant Elizabeth Arden red in a lovely white packaging. I used to love sneaking in her room and putting it on. There is something about a great lip that makes you feel sophisticated, sexy, grown-up, confident and playful. It is such a classic and a staple which should be in every woman’s make-up collection just like a great LBD.

I have for years converted my non-wearing red lipstick friends to try it. Those who say they can’t wear it just haven’t found the right shade for them.

I can sit here and school you on different shades of red, blue-based, brown-based, pink undertones, orange undertones, but I firmly believe it is up to the individual. I’m not big on colour charts, I believe in trying something and if you like something and are confident wearing it you will rock it like no other.

I have encountered some girls with beautiful natural big lips and they feel like they can’t wear red as it is too much. A lighter shade would be a good option to wear. I just think they have a great canvas to paint on.

The next question which is almost always asked is “If I wear a red lip does that mean that I have to wear a simple eye?”. I don’t believe this to be true one bit. It all depends on how the shadow is applied and what your face can handle. I love everything from a smokey eye to a simple lined eye with a red lip.

Don’t even get me started on people who say if you’re wearing a red lip you can’t wear a red outfit. Hogwash!

Take inspiration from the golden age of cinema with women like Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth rocking a beautiful red lip. To more recently actresses Jessica Chastain, Isla Fisher and singers Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera who wear the colour like they born with it on.  Even the season one poster for True Blood featured the most amazing red I have ever seen and am still trying to find a match for it.

To start yourself off try a lovely cherry coloured lipstick or gloss. This will give you some colour without jumping right in.

But if you want to jump right into the deep end here are some pointers on how to apply it so it lasts and the colour pops.

Step 1:

Add a little foundation to your lips to create some traction for everything to stick. You can also use some lip balm.

Step 2:

Line and fill in your lips with a lip pencil. Now what colour you choose is really up to you. You can use a natural colour or for a more intense lip use a red liner. This step is completely optional. It really does depend on the quality of the lipstick you are using. Some lipsticks have such good pigment and staying power that this step is completely unnecessary. I personally only occasionally use a lip liner. I will tell you however if your lipstick does tend to wear off it would be a great idea to wear liner that way once the lipstick comes off your lips aren’t completely void of colour. The liner will be there to provide a backup.

Step 3:

Now comes the fun part, applying the lipstick. You can either apply straight from the bullet or use a lip brush working from the inside of the lips and out. Blot with a tissue and reapply until you get your desired colour. Blotting is very important as it helps to reduce bleeding of the colour onto your skin and transfer of the colour onto your teeth. If you do get any red on your skin use a tissue or sponge to remove the colour and add a bit of foundation and you are good as new.

Voilá you just created your first of many great red lips!

For added effect you can add a bit of clear or coloured gloss the centre of your bottom lip and/or some highlighter to your cupids bow to create fullness to your lips.

Experiment with all the different shades. You can go into department stores and get a free trial or just go in and try a few on. The hygienic way of course.

A lot of my favourite reds have been through M.A.CRussian Red (Matte), M.A.C. Red (stain); Lime CrimeRed Velvet (goes on like a gloss with a sugary taste and finishes up as a matte); NP SetMadrid; WitcheryMulberry is a great dark brown based red.

A brand new red I am eager to try is called ‘Savvy‘ and it is from new make-up brand Angela Benfield Cosmetics and it was created by Make-up artist and Pharmacist Angela Benfield. Why was this the first red introduced into her collection? Mrs. Benfield says “I chose this shade for my first red as it is a classic red to suit all skin shades and hair colours.” See below photos of ‘Savvy‘ in action.

oct 2014 2 002

So with all this information I hope you feel confident enough to give this amazing colour a try.

As Dita Von Teese once famously said “Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of god into people”

To try out Savvy for yourself check out these   links:

Savvy‘ by Angela Benfield Cosmetics as shown on a brunette (myself) and a blonde. I cannot stop wearing this colour since I bought it. Love it!!

oct2014 352oct2014 360

Celebrity Fashion Inspiration

We all look for fashion inspiration wherever we can. Whether it be a colour you see, a song you hear or a picture in a magazine. I myself have always turned to Film/TV/Music Videos and Magazines. I have spent the last 10 years in retail studying and trying to perfect styling. But the main thing I have learnt is that everyone is different and everyone interprets fashion in their own individual way.

There have always been certain celebrities I look to for their style. Way too many to name in just one post. Kate Hudson’s boho style, Drew Barymoore’s ladylike rocker and Diane Kruger fashion forwardness style are among my favourites. All different body shapes, sizes and heights. Now I am no longer a size 6, but even when I was I still had curves. It can be hard for girls to decide how to dress when they are blessed with both bust and booty. Not to mention being height challenged can sometimes be an issue. Now at 30 and a size 10-12 I look at making clothes work for me.

The three ladies I will be mentioning today; Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian-West and Jennifer Love Hewitt, all know how to dress for their curvier shape and do so with their own unique style. I myself am quite eclectic with how I dress. I don’t have a set style. I go by mood.  Am I feeling 90’s nostalgic, 70’s era, minimalist, metallic, ladylike or rock. These three women possess a little bit of each.

First up Denim (one of my personal faves)

Slim Leg denim on a petite curvy girl needs to be proportioned. Balance it out with a looser blouse with a v-neck preferably. High necklines will tent out on you, but if you add a heavy necklace it holds it down. A t-shirt works well too but again I suggest a v-neck. If you do choose a high neckline add a heel to elongate your frame. For extra fun try double denim, a chambray shirt or a denim jacket.  A blazer adds a great classy touch and a longer length is ok for a short girl. Just keep it all proportioned. Key word girls.


Maxi Dress/Skirts

There is a huge myth that short girls can’t wear long skirts and dresses. This is craziness! No other way to say it. Wear with heels or flats. Just take a look at these lovely ladies. Wear a flowy skirt with a tight top a la Kim K. Wear a flowy maxi dress that has babydoll or empire waist like Jennifer Love Hewitt or belt it at the waist. Or go for a bold print like Jlo. Feel free to add in a high split to break up the volume.

Maxi Dress and Skirts

Pencil Skirt and Crop Tops

A pencil skirt is going to be your new fashion best friend. Wear it with a blouse, a tank top and blazer or a crop top. The pencil helps give you an elongated frame and hugs in all the right places. Now if you’re wearing a crop top the key is to not have it too short. You only want to show a small amount of skin.

nov2014 023

Short Hemlines

Whether it be a short playsuit, short shorts a mini skirt or a dress, always make sure it sits at the right part of your thigh. Too short and it can look inappropriate and make you look stumpy and too long it can look dowdy. Hint: A little bronzer on the legs helps hide a multitude of sins.

 Short Hemlines 1


A-Line and Skater

Again this can be a tricky style to pull off just make sure the length is right and the outfit is proportioned. I love a longer line A-line skirt, very 50’s style rockabilly. Add a big bag, a heavy necklace, and high shoes.

Aline and Skater

Leather and Lace

This is another one of my favourites. Play up your colours and textures. Remember leather can look very heavy and chunky (if that’s the look you want great) so balance it out with softer pieces. A silk top or even a lace one.  Lace can be very feminine and classic. Play it up and make it extra ladylike or funk it up with tougher heavier pieces.

Leather and Lace

Wide Leg and Slouch Pants

This is a style most short people think they can’t pull off. Another myth. You need to make sure the pants hug around your hips and then fall. Unless you are going for a flared jean then have them hug all the way to the calf. The key to the length is to have the hemline graze the floor (so to the tip of your shoe). Heels are a definite must with this style. This is the ultimate leg enhancer. This style is so classic and powerful. Think Katherine Hepburn.

Wide Leg and Slouch Pants

Body Con Dresses

This look takes a lot of confidence to pull off. You don’t have to be a size 0 and 6ft to wear one. My only pieces of advice are to make sure the neckline and hemline are right for you and that you wear heels. Slimming underwear (you know the really uncomfortable suck you in ones) are best to wear with this style if you stand to wear them. If you feel uncomfortable in a full body con dress find one that has a peplum. They hide all your lumpy bits and are very classic.

Body Con

¾ Length

This style is so elegant and classy. Keep the top half very streamlined to minimise all over bulk. Empire line is best for this style. Keep the length modest as it can look a little too much if you have a short hemline and a low neckline.

I hope this has given you some inspiration to try something new and take a few risks.


Happy Styling.

Kate Hudson in Versace.

Now while I was flipping through Facebook yesterday looking at all the amazing SAG Awards fashions I came across two photos.
One was of Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn and Donatella Versace. All three women were clad in black.

Then I saw a photo from the Versace fashion show of Amber Valetta wearing this gorgeous black dress that I thought in my head would look stunning on Kate Hudson.

So I text my best friend and told her (as we always discuss the fashions), she then sends me a photo of Kaye Hudson wearing the red version. First of all, STUNNING, and second of all this just proves to me that my styling is on point. 😉

Kate Hudson everybody! Stunning!!!
And let’s all take a moment to appreciate how amazing Goldie Hawn looks! These two lovely ladies are perfection.
*Images are not my own, they have been sourced.