Greece – 2018

Greece has always been a place I have wanted to visit. My ancestory is Greek. My mother was born in Greece and my father’s father was born in Greece. His mum was born in Australia to Greek parents. I have family all over Australia. Some of whom I’ve never met. I definitely hadn’t met the…

New Zealand – 2018 

At the end of March/early April I took a trip to New Zealand with my best friend and her parents. Now we were going just for Ed Sheehan – seeing as though we couldn’t get tickets in Australia – but then we thought ‘Lets make an actual trip out of it’. What a bloody fantastic…

A little blush

A little blush by sapphirereport featuring a triangle rug JAlexander geometric lighting460 AUD – Triangle rug220 AUD – Fish home Diptyque wax candle81 AUD – Modern home decor25 AUD – Target home White chair2 420 AUD – Accent


Summer by sapphirereport featuring earring jewelry Long sleeve ruffle blouse 63 AUD – J Brand flared leg jeans 350 AUD – Yves Saint Laurent high heel platform sandals DELiA s day pack rucksack Ginette NY disc ring 890 AUD – Earring jewelry 86 AUD – Aldo jewelry 45 AUD – Bow hat 25 AUD –


Wanderlust by sapphirereport featuring high heel ankle booties Gap grey striped dress54 AUD – SAM anorak coat320 AUD – Topshop opaque hosiery18 AUD – Miss Selfridge high heel ankle booties78 AUD – Louis vuitton knapsack3 200 AUD – Kate Spade tech accessory57 AUD – Miss Selfridge faux fur pom pom beanie20 AUD – Round circle sunglasses19 AUD – Lip

Reflecting on ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life’

I need to preface this by saying that I have only watched the revival once, a second viewing will be happening soon. CAUTION SPOILERS BELOW. A lot of people have been saying how different these 4 episodes were to the original series. Whilst I do see their point, I’m glad that these 4 were different….

Must Watch TV Dramas

Shameless – This US adaptation by John Wells (E.R., Third Watch, The West Wing, Animal Kingdom) of the popular UK version is superb viewing. The writing, the acting, the direction, this is family drama at it’s best. The Gallagher clan are trying to survive and stay together, their parents are addicts and the kids are…

Shameless – A Love Story

Spoilers in this video for episode 7×11 Happily Ever After One of my favourite couples to ever grace my television screen. I hope one day they have a happy ending together. Fantastic job done by both actors! Everyone deserves someone who looks at them the way Mickey looks at Ian.  Gallavich 💖