Kate Hudson in Versace.

Now while I was flipping through Facebook yesterday looking at all the amazing SAG Awards fashions I came across two photos.
One was of Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn and Donatella Versace. All three women were clad in black.

Then I saw a photo from the Versace fashion show of Amber Valetta wearing this gorgeous black dress that I thought in my head would look stunning on Kate Hudson.

So I text my best friend and told her (as we always discuss the fashions), she then sends me a photo of Kaye Hudson wearing the red version. First of all, STUNNING, and second of all this just proves to me that my styling is on point. 😉

Kate Hudson everybody! Stunning!!!
And let’s all take a moment to appreciate how amazing Goldie Hawn looks! These two lovely ladies are perfection.
*Images are not my own, they have been sourced.


Ok so I’m not a huge tanning girl. I’m a pale dark haired girl (yes from Australia, we’re not all sun hogs) who sometimes like the benefit of having a tan.
I have never gone to a tanning salon. I have only ever used self tan lotions at home. I don’t do it all the time. Only really for special occasions and if I feel like it. Sometimes honestly it’s too much effort.
It does give you a different look completely. I went blonde at one stage and I wish I was tanning back then. I think the blonde would have suited me a lot better with a tan.
Prime example would be Anna Paquin. She is a fair skinned brunette from New Zealand, then she gets cast in True Blood and is almost unrecognisable as Sookie Stackhouse, the tanned blonde waitress from Bon Temps.

She is my tanning style icon!!!
She looks incredible both pale and tanned. If she can pull off blonde like its her natural hair colour then I sure as hell can too.
It will take me a while to get back to blonde though as its so damaging on my dark hair. But there is hope. For now I will just start tanning regularly so I can get used to doing it. Make it apart of my routine.
My tan of choice is St. Tropez. I love their lotions, they smell great and are easy to apply.
My next hurdle will be tanning lotion for my face. Wish me luck.
Take a look at Anna Paquin’s transformation below.