Festival Styling

Festival Styling

Etro boho fringe vest
6 490 AUD – stylebop.com

Wrangler highwaisted shorts
100 AUD – amazon.com

Chelsea crew bootie
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Yves Saint Laurent fringe handbag
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CC SKYE pyramid stud earrings
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Swarovski snap bracelet
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Emily Elizabeth Jewelry gold plated ring
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Ray-Ban folding glasses
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Party crown
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Dolce Gabbana lipstick
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Outdoor decor
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Best Dressed at the 2015 Mtv Movie Awards. 

I am just focusing on one person in this post and I will put my other picks in a seperate post. I just wanted to share with you who I thought was the best dressed at the awards. This goes to Scarlett Johansson who looked absolutely stunning in a pink Zuhair Murad jumpsuit with cut-out detailing.  The tailoring was perfect and made her look so tall and her hair and make up was on point. This is styling done very very right! Love it!!  


*not my images 

First Easter Celebration of 2015

As with New Years Eve I spent Easter weekend with my best friend and her family and our friends. 

Now you might be wondering why didn’t I spend easter with my own family? Well that is because I am of Greek heritage and our Easter (we follow the old calendar), is this coming weekend. Sometimes Greek Easter and Aussie Easter fall on the same weekend, but not this year. 

We normally don’t get a lot of the chocolate eggs either. We never did get a lot as kids. In Greek tradition we dye boiled eggs red and play a game of who can crack the egg (kind of like a wishbone with two people). We greeks love a good competition to win good luck for the year. 

So that’s why I wasn’t with my family. 

We decided to get the same unit we did at New Years Eve on the beautiful Magnetic Island off Townsville in North Queensland. My best friends mother even hid Easter eggs for us to find which was so much fun. 

The weekend was spent sun baking -responsibly of course as we have VERY high uv rays here- going to lookouts on the island and making great memories with great people. I thought I’d share some photos of my Easter with you all and next weekend I’ll put up Greek Easter photos. 

Epic Seagulls

Don’t knock the rock


Nightcap on the beach


Seagull Posse


Wayfarer Club


Arthur Bay lookout


Talulah on the beach


Horseshoe Bay


The Red Baron


Self portrait


Where ate the rock Wallabies?


Horseshoe Bays weird statue


I’m on a boat


I’m on a boat pt 2


Sunset over Horseshoe Bay





Florence Bay


Florence Bay


Arthur Bay lookout



 All photos taken with iPhone 5S  

My styling on Polyvore

If you’re interested in creating some fun outfit boards head over to Polyvore. It’s such a fun way to express your styling chops. I discovered it years ago but have only recently been creating on the site.

You can also follow my sets on there. 

Much appreciated if you choose to follow.




H M white t shirt
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Rag bone JEAN blue jacket
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CIMARRON khaki pants
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Lace up boots
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Pendleton leather bag
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Black face makeup
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Monochrome Elegance

Monochrome Elegance

T By Alexander Wang white top
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Sabine Luise longline coat
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Roberto Cavalli black pants
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Christian Louboutin black leather boots
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Givenchy black purse
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Platinum ring
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ORWELL chain necklace
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Avgolemono Soup

Remember when you were little and you’d get sick and the family remedies to make you feel better? Chicken soup, vegetable soup etc.

Well if you were like me and grew up in a household with Greek heritage you should be all too familiar with the little miracle worker known as Avgolemono Soup. This was the magic soup that we still as adults ask for when we have a cold or cough or really anything wrong with us ever.

It really does work wonders. Now I cant make it as good as my mother or Yia-Yia (that means grandmother in greek) and I have certainly had some epic failures (never ever use bought stock be them liquid or cubes and never brown rice) trust me. But I finally had success.

So I thought I would share a small recipe with all my lovely followers as I have people asking me all the time what is it and how do I make it. So my first food post here I go.

You will need:

1 Chicken (or chicken legs if making a smaller batch)

White Rice (as ,many cups as you need depending on serving size)

1 Lemon

1 Egg


Boil your chicken in some water in saucepan (you can also use a pressure cooker).

Once the water is boiled take out the chicken and remove any leftover chicken from the pot.

Put the rice in the water to start boiling. Don’t let the rice get too big and mushy. (some people like a thicker soup I myself prefer it runnier).

Once the rice has cooked crack an egg in a little bowl ans start whisking it. Slowly add in some of the boiling water from the soup to the egg whisking as you go. Do this carefully as to not curdle the egg. Once you think you have added enough water add it into the soup.

Add in your squezzed lemon for the taste.

You can add the chicken back into your soup or fry it or roast it in the oven. I prefer it crunch and fried or baked.

Now you are ready to serve it up.

Just a few tips, always use white rice not brown or anything else. Always boil the chicken in the water never use chicken stock. If you do these first two your soup will look and taste vile!! Trust me I know from experience. Here you go a lovely home cooked remedy that tastes amazing.

Happy cooking.

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