Gilmore Girls Revival Trailer – It’s Finally Here!!!

So many emotions!!! November 25th can’t come soon enough! 

Jess! Beautiful Jess! #teamjess


Buffy Appreciation Day 

Just some Buffy appreciation coming at you for the 19 Year anniversary of the pilot episode. Wow 19 years! I was 13 when it premiered and still remember sitting down to watch it all excited. I even remember watching the movie when I was younger than that. 

I love this show so much, it is my all time favourite TV show.  It taught me so much. Such a great role model. So much I could write about this show, that is for another day and another post. For now let’s just enjoy some cool pics.

And let’s give it for Buffy, Sarah Michelle Gellar

And we mustn’t forget where it all started, the original Buffy, Kristy Swanson

Joss Whedon created Magic with this story 💖

To Cut Or Not To Cut?

A couple of months ago I cut my very long hair into a nice shoulder grazing Lob. It has since grown out a little bit and I catch a reflection of myself in the mirror and I utter a sentence I have never before said whilst having short hair, I uttered “It’s too long it needs a cut”. My hair is now sitting just the tiniest bit below my shoulders. What on earth has happened to me. Me, the girl who is obsessed with long hair. Oh well as they say “When in Rome”. This is what my hair looked like after getting it cut…

While it is hard to tell from these images but my hair is naturally very very thick and coarse and also very curly and wavy. I get ringlets underneath and the top is wavy. No brushing when it’s like that or it frizzes out like a lion’s mane. I had my hair thinned a bit when I had this done (which I am normally not a fan of) so it could be a little bit easier for me to style. See I am not one of those girls who can ‘do’ their hair every morning. Make up yes, hair no. Give me a brush and I’m good to go. However I have been very good at straightening it after every wash so it is manageable for me. Also the time spent with the straightener has been cut down to 20 minutes!! Remarkable!

*side note the lovely curls you can see were styled by my talented best friend who has mastered the art of cool waves with a straightener. I am still only able to do Farrah flicks.

So now I want to go shorter. There are a few looks I have been debating over and I just cannot decide. So I will put the pics up (none of which are my own) and I will let the wonderful world of the internet help me decide. Throw it out there and see what I get.

My first look is Rachel McAdams. Now it is very short (especially at the back) and it will be a lot of maintenance for me but I gotta say I’m really enjoying this look.  By the way best dressed at the SAG Awards and the Critics Choice Awards!! These dresses are to die for!!!

Next up is Jennifer Lopez. I love the layers around the face for this look and when it is wavy it actually looks a bit like mine.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum had recently cut her hair into a lob then decided to go shorter into a bob. These are the wonderful results.

Kim Kardashian West and Khloe Kardashian. Kim actually has very similar hair texture to mine so I have kind of already got this cut. It’s still beautiful though. Khloe’s hair is just on point right now. Slay!


Kate Hudson (who can do no style wrong) has a great new Lob. I love this look I’m just not sure if it’s too long for me at the moment. Again in what universe is this too long. I’m losing it. In all seriousness though those beachy waves are perfection! Teach me how master!!

Finally I have Ellen Pompeo. Her hair cut of late has been absolutely to die for!! The colour is also quite stunning. Seriously can Grey’s Anatomy hurry up and come back on yet?!

So in conclusion, if there any hairdressers out there or any of my readers reading this I would greatly appreciate your opinions. I need some help before I book my next appointment. Don’t even get me started on what colour to choose!

Thanks xoxo

Proud of my Country and my Heritage


Been seeing a lot of very rude, insensitive and even very racist remarks regarding the Greek financial crisis, Nick Kyrigos and channel 10’s behaviour. 

First of all walk a mile in someone’s else’s shoes and if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.  

It only takes one bad comment from someone to plant a seed of hatred. 

Words do hurt. 

And just FYI the word ‘wog’ is still derogatory. 

xx 🙏🏻

Dreams of colour

Dreams of colour

Copper chandelier
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DENY Designs multicolor rug
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Festival Styling

Festival Styling

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