Welcome to The Sapphire Report!

I have always had a love of  Television, Movies, Music, Fashion and Books.

 I watch more TV than anyone else I have ever met in my life, and in school I used to read two  novels at a time. Since I started working though, I have gotten a little slack in the book reading department.

 All my friends and family say that I should have been an Entertainment Reporter. Well here is my chance!

 I currently work in a high-end fashion boutique, which I love. Fashion has been in family for generations. However entertainment has always been my passion. I remember when I was about 10 my parents trying to enforce a 1 hour a day TV schedule. That lasted about 2 days!

This is not a celebrity gossip site. You will have to go elsewhere to read about that. This is me talking about the shows I love to watch, movies I love to see, music I love listening to and fashion and books that I like.

I hope you enjoying reading my reviews as much as I love ‘researching’ them. Happy reading!

The Sapphire Report.