A fun read for girls: The Day I Shot Cupid by Jennifer Love Hewitt (The Smart Girls Guide To Dating). Also suitable for boys to read.

I am not one for self help books or dating books. But when I heard a while ago that JLH was writing a dating book I just had to get it!
It does not take itself too seriously. It is a fun little read with quirky little anecdotes and helpful hints. Her boyfriend at the time of publication was Jamie Kennedy and he even writes a passage in here. Quite a funny one at that, I’m not spoiling it for you pick up the book.
Most of what she writes is very true. Probably things you already know as well but it’s nice to know you’re not the only one experiencing it.
There are quotes from famous people in the book plus some really cute little sketches.
This book is also good for boys to read as well. Maybe that will help them know what we like and don’t like. What we will put up with and we won’t!
The title alone sold me! So funny!



On The Road by Jack Kerouac

I have always wanted to read On The Road by Jack Kerouac. I figure now that the film is going to be coming out it is a good time to read it before the movie opens. Yes sometimes a book to film translation doesn’t get it totally right (I’m looking at you The Lucky One) and you ate disappointed, but I like to pay respect to the original work.
This is also why I watched the original Red Dawn before I see the remake. Which from the trailers looks a little different.
Anyway, I look forward to finally reading this book and I will share a review with you when I’m done.
Btw the trailers for the movie look excellent so I really hope they did a good job.
Check out this awesome cover work on the book. Apparently the back cover was the drawing Kerouac wanted on the original publication. But it didn’t make it to print. He writes his thoughts on that decision on the top of the page. Cover drawing is one of his sketches.



Farewell to an Icon – Nora Ephron

1941 – 2012 Age: 71.

Today the entertainment community lost one of its brightest stars.
Nora Ephron, writer, author, humorist, producer, editor and director passed away Tuesday night.

Ms. Ephron was responsible for such films as Sleepless In Seattle, Hanging Up, When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, Silkwood and many more.

She paved the way for many female writers and producers. To that we owe a great thanks.

Her work will live on as her legacy.

Farewell to a truly talented and lovely lady.

Here’s some quotes from one of my favourite Ephron movies You’ve Got Mail.



We Bought A Zoo – Movie Review

Starring: Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, Thomas Haden Church, Colin Ford, Maggie Elizabeth Jones, Angus MacFadyen, Elle Fanning, Patrick Fugit, John Michael Higgins, J.B. Smoove, Carla Gallo, Stephanie Szostak and Kym Whitley.

Screenplay by: Cameron Crowe and Aline Brosh McKenna

Novel by: Benjamin Mee

Directed by: Cameron Crowe

Based on a true story.

Benjamin Mee’s (Damon) wife died 6 months ago and in those months he has tried to remain strong for his two kids a struggling Dylan (Ford) and ever optimistic and cute Rosie (Jones).
When Dylan gets expelled from school Benjamin decided its time to move. They end up falling in love with a beautiful house on a big property. But it just do happens to be a run down zoo that needs a lot of attention to bring it back to its glory. With Rosie’s encouragement Benjamin buys the zoo despite his brother Duncan’s (Church) protestations.
Dylan is not so pleased about the move either until he meets Lily who lives on the property as her family run the cafe. Her cousin Kelly Foster is the zoo manager and leads a team of eccentric characters to help maintain the zoo. Notably there is crazy drunk Peter MacCready (MacFadyen) and quite yet charming Robin Jones (Fugit) who always has a monkey on his shoulder.
Wity the zoos inspection by Walter Ferris (Higgins) coming up and knowing they have to pull together to fix not only the zoo but the family they race against the click and the odds to open on time and not close for good.

Based on the true story of Benjamin Mee who wrote this book. This is a very sweet and charming film. With a GREAT soundtrack! Thank-you Mr. Crowe I would expect nothing less.
This movie is a wonderful story and the anchor really is this father trying to connect to his kids and make them feel stable again after losing their mother. They are all struggling but they are family. I thought Damon did a great job in this. I like him in these types of roles. Colin Ford I thought was great. Let’s just hope when he gets big and famous he still has time to play young Sam Winchester on Supernatural.
Johansson did a good job I thought and was interesting. Jones who played Rosie was absolutely adorable! What a cutie pie.
Church was as always completely hilarious and charming. The guy can do no wrong. My favourite role of his is still opposite Debra Messing in the short lived sitcom Ned & Stacey. Loved it!
MacFadyen was hilarious in his role. He always does such great work. Higgins as his nemesis was quite funny also. Good storyline.
My favourite though would have to be Crowe alum Patrick Fugit. He has come such a long way since Almost Famous. I loved him in Cinema Verite. I just wish he had more dialogue and scenes. His talent and acting reminds me of Jonathan Tucker. They ate fantastic and severely underrated by the public.
I thought this movie was great. It’s what Crowe does best, tells a good story with a lot of heart and some great music.



The Lucky One – Book Review


The Lucky One
Written By: Nicholas Sparks

Logan Thibault has just returned from his 3rd tour of duty with the US Marines from overseas and is on a new mission. He will track down the girl from the photograph he found in the desert, to thank her for saving his life.
He walks across 5 states to find this girl but when he finally sees her he can’t bring himself to tell her the truth.
Instead he works for her and her grandmother as a way to thank her. He becomes close with her son Ben, and her Nana and ultimately with Beth herself.
But what does Beth’s ex-husband Deputy Sheriff Keith Clayton (son of Sheriff Clayton and grandson of Judge Clayton) have to say when he discovers his ex-wife’s new friend is the mysterious man he met by the lake.
And how will the truth affect Beth & Logan’s relationship.
And just who did the photo of Beth that was found in the desert belong to?
Why was Logan meant to find it?

I wanted to read this book before I saw the film (film review coming up), I feel it’s better to read the books first as they are the inspiration for the film. You get of more of a story this way. I have never read a Nicholas Sparks novel before, I didn’t know how his writing style would be. I am a fan of a few of the films that are based on his books; The Notebook (love), A Walk To Remember (so good), Nights in Rodanthe.
So I read this not knowing really what to expect apart from little bits I’ve read and seen in the movie trailer. Well I can say that I was very pleased.
Sparks writes in such a way that it keeps you informed, seduced, captivated, and never bored. The chapters move along swiftly and it is written so well that you are not struggling to make it through each chapter.
Each chapter would focus on a particular character and the chapter would be titled with their name: Thibault, Beth or Clayton.
I loved that we got to delve into every characters lives. Everyone was explored with the same amount of backstory. You never felt a lack of information.
Logan Thibault has quickly become one of my favourite book characters of all time. I found him, sweet, strong, caring, fun, romantic and protective with a good balance of humor. I easily pictured Zac Efron in this role while reading it. I think that was pretty perfect casting. But more on that in the movie review.
Apart from the main three characters you also had Beth’s son Ben who you can’t help but fall in love with. What a sweet child who is severely misunderstood by his alpha male father. Ben would rather play chess, piano and violin rather than play sports. Heaven forbid!
You have Beth’s grandmother Nana who ended up raising Beth and her Brother Drake. This woman is feisty and funny. You can hardly understand a thing she says because of all her puns and phrases but she’s lovely and an absolute riot.
Logan’s dog Zeus is another main character and a fantastic one at that. This is the most trained and protective dog. This dog will never leave your side and will always protect his owner.
Judge Clayton is Keith’s grandfather and is a strong willed man that will protect his family. Does he like Beth, of course, would he hesitate taking Ben away if she were to do something wrong, of course not.
Victor is Logan’s best friend from the Marines and is the one pushing for Logan to find the girl in the picture and thank her. According to Victor who is quite superstitious, he believes that Logan finding this girl is his destiny. He was meant to find that photo for a reason. And until he goes to find her her won’t know what that is.
Drake is Beth’s brother. Another Marine. Beth’s best friend and Bens hero.
Apart from the obvious human and canine characters there are another 2 characters I have not yet mentioned.
The weather and the treehouse.
The weather can help fuel a story along. From the seductive heat to the dangerous storms. A powerful tool when telling a story like this.
The treehouse is a beast of a character. This is Ben’s hideout whenever he needs to get away. It was built by Beth’s grandfather and has withstood many years. This is a significant character in the book and it’s one that won’t be forgotten.

I am so glad I read this book. I absolutely loved it. Even stayed back at work to finish the epilogue. I read this in 2 days over 10 hours. I was addicted and felt so sad when I finished it. Not because of the ending but because I wasn’t getting to read more about these lovely characters I had fallen in love with.

I would recommend any Nicholas Sparks fans or avid readers to read this book. It is beautiful. So much detail, so much story, so much beauty, so much love.

I think I might read Safe Haven next (it’s being made into a film) and The Notebook.

For more insight into the movie/book comparison please keep an eye out for my movie review coming up shortly.

Career Paths?

The title pretty much sums up how I’m feeling at the moment regarding work.

Since I was a little kid I have been a dreamer. Escaping into the fictional worlds of my books (always scary ones even when I was a kid), my favourite TV shows, movies and music. I have alwys been on the more creative side. I remember creating short stories when I was younger and illustrating them. Even though I am not a great drawer. I used to draw clothing for a while. My anunty was seamstress and my sister and I used to model for her work which was a bridal store. It was alwys a fun production. My aunty is a great fashion sketcher and she tried to teach me but I’m just not that good. My drawings are BASIC. I used to want to do so many things. I always wanted to own my own boutique or fashion label. I have worked in a boutique for almost 8 years now. Not sure if that is still my direction.

I love styling customers and buying but I have nowhere near enough money to even think of opening my own place.

I also am in LOVE with the entertainment industry. I love the film making process. I have thought about maybe becomimg a make-up artist or costume designer (or something else in wardrobe). Imagine getting to dress the characters of a TV show or movie. That’s styling to the max!

Or do I want to be more involved in the overall production of project like Producing, writing, directing etc? Which I have always had an interest in. Or work in the studios themselves. I used to want to be an Actor, I took speech and drama and can pretty much recite all the movies and TV shows I have on DVD, but I wasn’t very encouraged to do so. For someone who had low self esteem I gave up. Plus not much oppurtunity where I am.

My mum always wanted me to go into Journalism. Wether it be writing or Entertainment Reporter. I used to make a weekly newsletter for our family that had entertainment news on it. Good old Word templates. I still remember riting an article on the Spice Girls Istanbul concert. Too funny.

Casting director would be a great job.

At the moment my current job is going to be finishing as the store I work at is closing down in the next few months. So for now while I need to save up some money I am going to look for a job in the retail clothing industry. But do I want to move up to buyer in a chain? I think that would be an amazing job that would possibly give me more opportunities in other fields. But is fashion where I want to go? I’m really not sure.

My friend asked me and our other roomate the other day: “If you could buy anything in the world what would it be?”, My answer was after my initial “I’d buy a mansion was “I would buy a movie studio”. Deciding what movies to finance and what movies to choose would be incredible.

If any people reading this are guidace councilors or career councilors please leave me an opinion of what you think I should do. I would love to combine all my passions into one. At the moment with my current situation I’m a little lost. I can’t even choose something to study at UNI as I don’t know which direction to go in. I don’t want to waste what very little money I have on a course that is not going to be suitable.

Decisions and dilemmas.

Celebrity Blogs I’m Loving Right Now.

Here is a short list of some of the celebrity blogs I follow that are jam packed full of goodies.

Hello Giggles – Zooey Deschanel is one of the creators of this fun blog alongside her two best friends. Here you will find, beauty tips, movie reviews (both new and old), food, life, pop cultutre and much, much more. A lot of posts are writen by viewers of the website. You can submit an aticle to be published. Very Cool! Also on tumblr.

The Beauty Department – Lauren Conrad started this blog of beauty and fashon tips. Her team of stylists write a lot of the articles as well as friends I woud imagine. I discovered this last week and am obsessed with it! Great fashion and beauty tips. Every Monday is Mani Monday, and Friday is Fashion Friday. Love it!

hirRECordJoe – Run by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his team, this is another collabritive website with the reader. Send in your original music, art etc and you could see it featured on this blog or evenin the book/cd that released of the blog. Also on tumblr.

You Me and Charlie – Dianna Agron started up this blog as an imporvement on her previous blog felldowntherabbithole. She wanted the reader to be more involved as they were sending her the work. So in another collabritive effort you can send in art, poetry or whatever. A really fun website with some very talented readers.

GoopΒ – If you haven’t heard of this one where have you been? This is the blog by Gywneth Paltrow. Here she has recipes, fashion advice, life discussions, information on where to shop and eat and party plus much much more.

silentbobspeaks – My Boring Ass Life by Kevin Smith. I have just found this blog. Thoughts on film from the cult director and actor. Gonna love this one.

ISF Foundation – Okay not technically a blg it is a website of a an organization run by Ian Somerhalder. For all your environmental and conservationalist needs. Definitely check this out. And you buy merchandise (as I have done)Β on CafePress of the ISF Foundation with proceeds going to the foundation.

This is not a celebrity blog but damn it’s good:

Red Carpet Fashion Awards – Not sure who is the founder of this blog. I think she is a stylist from the way she writes about fashion. This website is awesome. You will find updates all the time on the current fashion shows and what a celebrity has worn to a particular event. You even have chances to vote on Best Dressed outfits so you are part of the fun. This is a great website for any fashion obsessed girl.

Also not a celebrity run site but Just Jared is great for entertainment news that is updated constantly.