The Fate Of The Furious – Trailer

This looks incredible!!!! 

In April, we ride! 


The Fast & The Furious 6 & 7

Well we’ve known for a while thanks to Vin Diesel and his facebook page, that a sixth Fast & Furious will be coming out in 2013, but yesterday we all saw a tweet from Tyrese Gibson that said “The Fast and The Furious 6 & 7”.
Queue squeals and excitement!
A 7th one!!! Yay!!
Now personally for me unless Vin Diesel is in BOTH of them they shouldn’t even bother.
I’m very much looking toward to the Letty storyline developing. But a friend told me that she saw a tweet that Rodriquez hadn’t settled on it yet because of money.
I hope this isn’t the case. Apart from Dom she is my favourite character. And Vince but they got rid of him. 😦
I just want Letty and Dom to have they happy ending they deserve.
I have theories as to what she’s doing. Undercover work to clear Doms name maybe. Well have to wait and see. We might not get to see that play out until 7 though. They obviously have a plan.

All I can say is BRINT IT ON FAST & THE FURIOUS!!!

CANNOT WAIT! Queue squeals!