Must Watch TV Dramas

Shameless – This US adaptation by John Wells (E.R., Third Watch, The West Wing, Animal Kingdom) of the popular UK version is superb viewing. The writing, the acting, the direction, this is family drama at it’s best. The Gallagher clan are trying to survive and stay together, their parents are addicts and the kids are in charge. Think Party of Five in a poorer neighbourhood and on crack,  their sense of family is inspiring. Funny and dramatic, this show certainly delivers entertainment. With a cast featuring Emmy Rossum and William H Macy who won a Screen Actors Guild award for his performance of the drunk patriarch Frank and Joan Cusak who has won an Emmy for her guest starring role as the lovable agoraphobic Sheila, Shameless is a must watch. As a side note it also has one of my all time favourite TV couples nicknamed Gallavich, and Noel Fisher is incredible in this show.

Mr.Robot – The brainchild of Sam Esmail (who just so happens to be engaged to Emmy Rossum of Shameless), is about a young man’s Elliot’s struggles with himself and the struggle to keep our live private from big corporations. Elliot and his band of hackers try to take down Evil Corp, yet it’s all the pieces in the middle of the puzzle that make this show one of the most intriguing on television. Rami Malek and Christian Slater are phenomenal in their roles with Malek scoring an Emmy win for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series and Slater nabbing the Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture made for Television at the Golden Globes. The Show also won the Golden Globe for Best Television Series – Drama. Carly Chaikin and Portia Doubleday are also stand outs with Chaikin’s character of Darlene as one of my favourites on the show. Who is Mr Robot ?

The Affair – A story focusing on two couples marriages and The Affair between two respective parties, this show is chock-full of drama, suspense and mystery. This was so much more than what I thought it was going to be and it never disappoints. I love the split parts in each episode. It’s great to see the different perspective each character has, I haven’t seen this since the show Boomtown. Golden Globe  wins for Ruth Wilson , Maura Tierney and the show as a whole, this a must watch for Drama fans. I may be a little biased as I’ve been a fan of his since I saw him in The Mighty Ducks but Joshua Jackson is amazing in his role of Cole Lockhart.

The Walking Dead – If you don’t know what this cult show is, where the hell have you been?! This doesn’t need too much explanation but I’ll do a quick synopsis anyway. Former sheriff wakes up to a world gone to hell. There are zombies (walkers) roaming everywhere, he has to find his family and then try to survive in this post apocalyptic world where the humans are actually more terrifying than the zombies. Robert Kirkman created the Graphic Novels and this intricate universe where nobody is safe and humanity is tested, do yourself a favour and check out The Walking Dead however if you are squeamish, be cautious as it is quite violent. Wins for Special effects and makeup.

Kingdom – Created by Bryan Balasco, this riveting drama follows former MMA fighter Alvey Kulina (played remarkably by Frank Grillo who is a fighter in his own right) and his sons who are now the MMA stars on the rise. This has fast become one of my all time favourite dramas. Jonathan Tucker does an insanely superb job of playing the seemingly misguided Jay Kulina, but beneath the rough exterior is a man who wants to help his family anyway he can. Jonathan Tucker deserves more recognition for this role, he deserves nominations for SAG, Critics Choice, Emmy and Golden Globes. As does the show as a whole. If you love drama do yourself a favour, run to find and start watching it now!! Also Kiele Sanchez had one of the best performances and storyline in season 2, I wont give it away but it was extremely personal to her and she was a complete and utter superstar for how she handled it, that performance alone deserves an Emmy nomination.

This Is Us – A new show that has only just begun is This Is Us. It is hard to describe this show without giving away spoilers. Family drama, interweaving storylines, you will need tissues pretty much every episode. That’s all I will say. I am a huge Milo Ventimiglia fan as I am a Mandy Moore fan and their work in this show blows me away. This show really does deserve all the praise it gets. I also am loving that Sterlinh K Brown is in this, yes everyone loves him from The People v. O.J. Simopson: American Crime Story  but I am a Supernatural girl and he was great as bad guy Gordon Walker.

On my list of shows to watch:

Bloodline – This family drama looks intense. It’s a bit hard to figure out from the trailer but it has the one I live in a family drama, mystery. With a cast including Ben Mendhelsohn and Linda Cardellini I am all in for this. Made for Netflix.

Animal Kingdom  – Based on the  extremely successful Australian movie of the same name this show follows the drama of a family involved in crime. Again a stellar cast with Ellen Barkin, Scottt Speedman and Shawn Hatosy, this is going to be excellent viewing. Made for Netflix.



Re-watching: Third Watch

I was 15 when Third Watch premièred in 1999 and my love for it hasn’t wavered.

Who wouldn’t love a show about FDNY and NYPD on the same block patrolling together. The 55 precinct and Firehouse 55. Camelot as it was dubbed. Police, Fire and Paramedics, patrolling the streets of New York between 3pm and 11pm – the “Third Watch”.

Created by Christopher Chulack and John Wells of E.R., Southland and Shameless game, the show ran for 6 seasons and I am currently in the middle of season 3 of my re-watch. There were crossover episodes with E.R. and some amazing guest stars.What’s not to love.

My favourite characters have not changed. Whilst I do love all the characters (some a little less than others) my all time favourites would have to be Faith Yokas and Maurice Boscorelli. The guy was a former Army Ranger before joining the police force, so cool!

I was and still am and will forever be a Faith & Bosco shipper. They had such good chemistry. It was a weird mix of brother and sister annoyance/love that I believe turned into just plain good old fashioned love. However neither of them really admitted it in a romantic way but you could see it was there. 100% and nobody can convince me otherwise.

On a side note, I’ve figured out these two are the reason I love Daryl and Carol so much on The Walking Dead. It’s that same kind of chemistry. I love it!!!

Carlos was another character that I just loved. The dude was so damn weird and full of himself but deep down he was so sweet. Fun to watch.

Honestly I pretty much loved every character so I won’t go describing them all. I’d be here forever. Seriously the cast was amazing!!! From beginning to end the characters who came and went. They were all fantastic.

The episodes they did regarding 9/11 were so tastefully done. A very hard subject matter to do but when you’re focusing on first responders in the city where this happened it’s kind of hard not to include it.

If you haven’t already watched thisshow I really do recommend it. It has drama, comedy, action and heart.

Third Watchthirdwatch01mThird_Watch_charactersBosco---Faith-third-watch-480095_500_622

My favourites: Faith and Bosco 🙂 ❤