Reflecting on ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life’

I need to preface this by saying that I have only watched the revival once, a second viewing will be happening soon. CAUTION SPOILERS BELOW.


A lot of people have been saying how different these 4 episodes were to the original series. Whilst I do see their point, I’m glad that these 4 were different. It was a bigger scope and the stakes were higher. I didn’t want to see something exactly the same. I wanted to see 4 mini movies and that’s what we got. Did some scenes go too long, yes, but at the heart it was still the Gilmore Girls I know and love.

From the beginning Lorelai and Rory had their witty banter going all while coffee in hand.


The Gilmore Girls were back at it and the Emily Gilmore was hilarious and poignant all at the same time. The scene of Richards funeral was gut-wrenching. Could not stop crying. Edward Hermann’s death was handled so beautifully and he was definitely missed, his death certainly took the script in a great direction. I really thought Emily and some of the funniest scenes. Her purging all her belongings, letting her maids family move in, going to therapy with Lorelai then dropping out of therapy, so Emily. Her ending I don’t know if I was fully on board with. I thought it was great that she moved away to have a soimpler life but I really didn’t get the whale expert part at the museum. Yes it was funny and of course she had to be in control but I’m a little unsure. All in all thought Emily was great, would have just loved to see her at the end. But I loved that her terms are back. Bullshit!


Lorelai and Luke were together (thank goodness) but still not married!! C’mon guys! They were both dealing with their relationships next step in their own way. I wanted to see a resolution to the baby surrogacy storyline. I felt like Luke just stomped on it. Lorelai’s WILD adventure was funny to begin with but then the scene where she calls Emily had me in tears. It was nice to see that Luke and Lorelai finally decided to get the show on the road and get married already. Man Lorelai likes to elope, it was a beautiful wedding I just wish that Jess, Emily and Sookie were there. Why wasn’t Jess there?


Paris Gellar, such a blast to watch. I loved that she became all the things she wanted to and more. She also became what seems to be a great mother. Sad to see her and Doyle seperated but loved that he was famous screenwriter. She can still invoke terror in the Headmaster though which was pretty funny. I just wish we saw more of her. And a resolution to her and Doyle.


Jess, where to begin. I will start with him helping out Luke. These 2 are so cute I cannot stand it. Jess has turned into the man Rory (and every Jess fan) thought he could be. I never truly saw the character as a truly bad boy. In fact I think he was one of the nicer guys on the show. He was smart and kind, but he didn’t know how to channel it. His upbringing always made him think that he wasn’t worthy of people yet Luke and Rory saw something in him. They believed in him and it was in part thanks to them that he got his life together. It was great seeing him interact with Luke again. These 2 crack me up.


Rory is now 32, the same age as what Lorelai was when the show first began. Rory has been off being a freelance journalist, she wrote a successful piece that was published in The New York Times. She is now feeling a little lost as she doesn’t know what direction her work will take her. She has a few offers but nothing she can really sink her teeth into. Amongst all this she has a boyfriend she keeps forgetting, all while she is fooling around with Logan in London who has a fiance in another country. I just can’t even with that. It is clear that they have love for each other, but he will not change., He is on the track of his father and her father. Rory deserves better than that and frankly so does Logan. The Life and Death Brigade scene was awesome! I don”t care what anyone says, that was fun to watch. It was sad to see them part but it was for the best. Rory trying to figure out her life takes over the Stars Hollow Gazette. Still feeling lost Jess shows up to save the day as always. He points her in the direction of writing a book about her and her mother. Sorry did anyone else swoon when he did this and offered her money, what a sweetie. She takes his advice and goes ahead with the book. Lorelai isn’t pleased at first but it’s what she needs to do. As I am the same age as Rory and I also dabble in writing I totally understood her struggle with work and life. It was kind of hard to watch at times as it was serving up some truths.



Now for those final four words. Not exactly what I thought they’d be but also I’m not shocked. I’m shocked that for now there isn’t more because I need to see what happens. Right now theories are going crazy in my head.



“I’m Pregnant”.


Holy crap! Ok first of all totally saw it coming when Rory went and spoke to Christopher. That wasn’t book research. Second, it’s a no brainer that it is Logan’s baby. Not the wookie. And thirdly, Jess totally still loves Rory. I mean that’s a big D’UH but when Luke asked him and then he looked in the window, my heart kind of broke for him. He has done so well and he deserves to be happy, as does she. So we have now come full circle. Rory is following Lorelai’s path just in a different way. Logan is quite clearly the Christopher of the situation and Jess is clearly the Luke in Rory’s life. This makes me totally happy. I would just like to see what happens now that this bombshell has been dropped.


Supporting cast:


Lane and Zack – would have been great to see more of them, especially Lane. She was a main character and we hardly saw her.  She is still totally bad ass though.


Michele – one of my favourite Gilmore Girls characters. I love his dry sense of humour and his ability to snap so easily. I love him! I lobe that finally revealed that he was gay, and married. I thought him and Lorelai together was so sweet. The bar scene, grab tissues.


Logan – again while I love Matt Czurchy and I sometimes love Logan, I am firmly Team Jess. Ok well Team Rory but c’mon i’m picking Jess too.  He was successful but didn’t seem really happy. Hello Christopher. The goodbye between he and Rory was lovely and it was time.

Sookie’s scene was way too short and I didn’t find it was enough of a reunion for best friends who haven’t seen each other in 2 years.

Christopher was as always cute and annoying. You love to hate but love the guy.

Paul, who? This was funny. Well done.

Kirk was amazing as always in all his Kirkness. His wedding redecorations were beautiful. Well done Kirk.

Taylor, Babette and Miss Patty are always good value. Funny funny people. Not much has changed here apart from Miss Patty looking amazing!

Dean’s scene I have to say was a nice proper ending for the character. He started the series as such a nice guy then about mid way through season 1 he turned into a douche bag. I think he was finally given some redemption. And thanks to Supernatural (and age) he looked great too.

Now let’s all pray to the Gilmore Girls gods that are Amy Sherman-Palladino, Dan Plladino and now Netflix, for just 1 more episode to wrap everything up. That’s all I need, 1 more. I know life doesn’t wrap in a bow but it would be so nice to see if Luke and Lorelai have a baby, If Emily moves back to help with Rory’s baby, If Jess and Rory get together, if Hep Alien finally make it big and seeing Rory’s book get published, most likely at Jess’s publishing house.

Also a side note, the cameos were awesome!!!

All in all I loved the revival and can’t wait to watch it again.



Gilmore Girls Revival Trailer – It’s Finally Here!!!

So many emotions!!! November 25th can’t come soon enough! 

Jess! Beautiful Jess! #teamjess

Supernatural Season 7 Mid-Season Review

Winchesters how I love you so.

Well season 7 (OMG awesome) has been great so far. We opened with Castiel as God basically. However this doesn’t last long and he is taken over by Leviathans. The oldest demons. Unfortunately Castiel’s meat suit evapourates into black goo. Dean doesn’t handle this very well and throughout this season so far has started to drink a little too much.

Sam on the other hand is seeing Lucifer everywhere. With flashes of memeory of the cage seeping through Sam tries to keep it together as much as he can.

As these tricky Leviathans are trying to take over they infiltrate some high up authority. They even have a shady politian working for/with them. His name Dick. It suits.

Sera Gamble had said that this season would see the boys have whatever is familiar and safe to them taken away. Boy she wasn’t kidding.

First Sam and Dean must only use one form of fake ID, no more rock star aliases, no more Impala 9 (WHAT!) and after Bobby house burns to the ground, no safe haven to stay at. That’s ok they will crash at Rufus’s place in the woods.  

Spoiler Alert: A major moment was when Bobby was shot by Dick and rushed to the hospital. In one of the best episodes of Supernatural in all 7 seasons we see Bobby (while he is in a coma) trying to defeat the Reaper that is after him. With help from Rufus he must try and find the one thing that he needs to make amends with. Through this we see many glimpses into the life of Bobby Singer. Then at the end Bobby finally opens his eyes calls the boys ‘Idjits’ then closes his eyes again. The finale question, will Bobby surrender to the Reaper or keep on fighting?

We have to wait until early Januray to have this question answered. Please don’t let Bobby die. He is the glue that holds this family together. That could be one of the things Sera Gamble was talking about. Sniff. Aparently Misha Collins will be back this season too. Wonder how they’ll do that?

This season also saw another episode directed by Jensen Ackles. This time though he was as absent onscreen as last time. It saw Sam hunting a demon that he knew and let go when they were kids. A girl he liked. Sam lets her go as she promises that she was only killing to help her young son. But Dean couldn’t let this be. So he decides to kill Amy (secretely behind Sam’s back ) to stop her from killing again. Unfortunately the kid sees this and says he will kill Dean. Dean tells him to come looking for him when he turns 18. Another downward spiral for Dean.

Cannot wait for the new episodes. Pray for Bobby.

Seriosly if you are not watching this show you should be.

Supernatural 6×09 – Clap Your Hands If You Believe

Sam and Dean

Hilarious. This was the funniest episode this season. Sam and Dean find themselves investigating an Alien case. Of course this calls for one of Supernatural’s alternate opening credit scenes. Too funny!

However as we all know in the world of our gorgeous Winchesters, aliens do not exist. Instead the boys find themselves dealing with fairies. Yes you heard right, fairies. Not to fear this made for hilarious viewing. Especially when Dean gets arrested and shouts to Sam to ‘Fight the fairies!’ And of course a leprechaun is behind it all. Why not. 

There was still some drama as well, with Sam still trying to adjust to how to act without his soul. A great episode and there are still many more to come.

Supernatural 6×07 – Family Matters

Following on from last weeks episode Castiel and Dean interrogate Sam and discover that what is wrong with him is that he has no soul. Whoever pulled him out of hell has left his soul in Lucifer’s cage. To try to figure what is going on they go and talk to their grandfather Samuel, but he has no information to tell them.

Dean is  very suspicious of Samuel so they decide to work with him to catch the Alpha Vampire. Samuel catches him but lies to Dean about it. Dean and Sam decide to follow and interrogate Alpha themselves. What they find out is that he is the first of his species and that Samuel is looking for Purgatory. As Alpha escapes he kills Christian, although it turns out he is possessed and has been for a long time now by none other than the demon Crowley.

When Crowley arrives he tells everyone that he is the one who pulled Samuel and Sam out of hell. Dean doesn’t think that Crowley is that powerful, after all he is just a crossroads demon. Right? Wrong. It turns out that Crowley is the King of Hell, he has been the one telling Samuel what to do and Crowley is the one who can give Sam’s soul back. The boys decide to go along with Crowley’s plan. It seems as if Samuel is doing this for other reasons. Is is possible he is doing it to get back his wife Deanna or his daughter Mary? Even though they are both dead. I guess we will see in time. In the meantime Crowley wants the boys to bring him as many creatures as they can. They will help Crowley but they will also find a way to get Sam’s soul back and kill Crowley. 

Let the hunting begin.

Supernatural 6×06 – You Can’t Handle The Truth

The goddess of truth has cast her spell on a small town. She makes her victims here the truth from others and when they can’t handle it anymore they kill themselves. Now she has set her sights on Dean.

Some highlights from this episode were:

– When Bobby was telling the truth to Dean, like how he loves watching Tori and Dean, getting pedicures and that Dean is his favourite (mine too). You gotta love Bobby. This was hilarious!

– Castiel appearing (and disappearing) and telling Dean he doesn’t know what is wrong with Sam. This is cause for concern.

– Dean and Lisa’s phone conversation. Lisa telling Dean that his and Sam’s relationship is too co-dependant, and she can’t take this lifestyle anymore. This was heartbreaking to watch. When will Dean catch a break?

– Sam talking to Dean while supposed to be telling the truth. He told Dean he would have helped him not get turned into a vampire if he could have. (Doubt it).

– The Goddess of truth informing Dean that Sam is lying, that he is not human. Uh Oh.

– Dean beating Sam senseless at the end of the episode after Sam tells him that he doesn’t feel anything.

This was a great episode, very dramatic and very funny (at times). This episode has started to set up what I think is going to be the big battle of the season. Can’t wait until next week to see how Dean is going to try to figure out what exactly is wrong with Sam and how he can save him.