Recently Viewed Movies

2016 has been an interesting year of films so far. Here are some that I have watched the rating I would give them out of 5.

Captain America: Civil War4/5 This felt like what Avengers 2 should have been.

Suicide Squad4/5 I think all the negative reviews and critics blasting this movie need to calm down. This was better than both Man of Steel and Batman Vs Superman combined. The action was great, cast was great and the music and effects were great. Everyone needs to chill out. And The joker is in plenty of the movie and Jared Leto did a great job. I preferred this to Age of Ultron and am looking forward to Justice League.

Finding Dory4/5


Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice2/5 I did not overly love this movie. I found it confusing and slow. Although I love Batman and thought that Ben Affleck did a great job.

The Nice Guys4/5

The Huntsman: Winter’s War4/5

Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising – 3/5





Movies worth watching.

In the past week I have seen 5 new movies. Each very different and each very entertaining.

1. Mr. Nobody – Starring Jared Leto, Diane Kruger and Sarah Polley. A movie about Nemo Nobody, the last mortal man in the year 2092 telling the story of his life and great love. But out of all the stories he tells which one is the real Nemo Nobody. A very unique and clever film, with amazing cinematography and a flawless performance from Leto that will keep you wondering until the very end who is Mr. Nobody.

2. The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day – If you haven’t seen the original you should before seeing the sequel. Otherwise you may be a little lost. Sean Patrick Flannery & Norman Reedus are back as the MacManus brothers. Scary or hilarious that is for personal interpretation. The basic gist is the brothers come back to the U.S.A. from Ireland to avenge the death of a priest that the police department is saying they did. Returning as the boy’s father is Billy Connolly, with new cast members Julie Benz, Judd Nelson, and some cameos from some old friends. I won’t give them away, you have to watch. If you were a fan of the original go hire out this movie.

3. The Open Road – Justin Timberlake, Jeff Bridges, Kate Mara & Mary Steenburgen. Justin Timberlake plays Carlton a baseball player who has lost the love for the game. His mother is in hospital and needs open heart surgery but not before seeing her ex husband before the surgery. Carlton must go get his father whom he hasn’t spoken to in 5 years, played wonderfully by a boozed up womanizing Jeff Bridges as an ex Major League Baseball player. Along for the ride is Lucy (Kate Mara), Carlton’s on-again off-agian girlfriend. With cameos by Harry Dean Stanton, Ted Danson and Lyle Lovett, this movie is a journey of self discovery for all involved with some pretty funny moments in between. Timberlake does a fine job and holds his own along side movie veterans. A good way to spend 90 minutes.

4. The Last of the High Kings – Jared Leto, Catherine O’Hara, Gabriel Byrne & Christina Ritchie. Co-written by Byrne this story follows the life of Frankie Griffin and his family in Dublin, Ireland 1977. Frankie is trying to find his way through life and love while trying to stay sane in his families presence. A very well done coming of age film that also explores the political side of Dublin for that period. Also starring a young Emily Mortimer, Stephen Rea and Colm Meaney. This movie also goes by the title ‘Summer Fling’.

5. The Crazies – Timothy Olyphant & Radha Mitchell. Small town Ogden Marsh, Iowa has been poisoned with a biological weapon that is making it’s townsfolk crazy. Olyphant plays Sherif David Dutton and Mitchell plays his wife Judy the local doctor. Both along with Dutton’s Deputy and Judy’s assistant  are trying to survive this virus and the people who are trying to kill them. This is one of my favourite movies of the year. It is a remake of the 1973 movie of the same name. Now I haven’t seen the original but I loved this version! I went and bought it as soon as it came out. Olyphant is one of my favourite actors and he is remarkable in every role he plays (check him out in the FX series Justified, he is brilliant!). As sherif Dutton he is sweet and strong and ready to protect his wife and town. Mitchell also delivers one hell of a performance, and has her horror movie scream down.

After you watch ‘The Crazies’ then watch the movie ‘Carriers’ with Chris Pine and Piper Perabo. ‘Carriers’ is a similar concept. However the virus in their movie is now airborne and running wild.  If they ever did a sequel to ‘The Crazies’ (which they shouldn’t, they will just ruin it!) ‘Carriers’ would be it.

I hope you enjoy these movies as much as I did.