Re-watching: Third Watch

I was 15 when Third Watch premièred in 1999 and my love for it hasn’t wavered.

Who wouldn’t love a show about FDNY and NYPD on the same block patrolling together. The 55 precinct and Firehouse 55. Camelot as it was dubbed. Police, Fire and Paramedics, patrolling the streets of New York between 3pm and 11pm – the “Third Watch”.

Created by Christopher Chulack and John Wells of E.R., Southland and Shameless game, the show ran for 6 seasons and I am currently in the middle of season 3 of my re-watch. There were crossover episodes with E.R. and some amazing guest stars.What’s not to love.

My favourite characters have not changed. Whilst I do love all the characters (some a little less than others) my all time favourites would have to be Faith Yokas and Maurice Boscorelli. The guy was a former Army Ranger before joining the police force, so cool!

I was and still am and will forever be a Faith & Bosco shipper. They had such good chemistry. It was a weird mix of brother and sister annoyance/love that I believe turned into just plain good old fashioned love. However neither of them really admitted it in a romantic way but you could see it was there. 100% and nobody can convince me otherwise.

On a side note, I’ve figured out these two are the reason I love Daryl and Carol so much on The Walking Dead. It’s that same kind of chemistry. I love it!!!

Carlos was another character that I just loved. The dude was so damn weird and full of himself but deep down he was so sweet. Fun to watch.

Honestly I pretty much loved every character so I won’t go describing them all. I’d be here forever. Seriously the cast was amazing!!! From beginning to end the characters who came and went. They were all fantastic.

The episodes they did regarding 9/11 were so tastefully done. A very hard subject matter to do but when you’re focusing on first responders in the city where this happened it’s kind of hard not to include it.

If you haven’t already watched thisshow I really do recommend it. It has drama, comedy, action and heart.

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My favourites: Faith and Bosco 🙂 ❤