Recently Viewed Movies

2016 has been an interesting year of films so far. Here are some that I have watched the rating I would give them out of 5.

Captain America: Civil War4/5 This felt like what Avengers 2 should have been.

Suicide Squad4/5 I think all the negative reviews and critics blasting this movie need to calm down. This was better than both Man of Steel and Batman Vs Superman combined. The action was great, cast was great and the music and effects were great. Everyone needs to chill out. And The joker is in plenty of the movie and Jared Leto did a great job. I preferred this to Age of Ultron and am looking forward to Justice League.

Finding Dory4/5


Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice2/5 I did not overly love this movie. I found it confusing and slow. Although I love Batman and thought that Ben Affleck did a great job.

The Nice Guys4/5

The Huntsman: Winter’s War4/5

Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising – 3/5





Best Dressed Men of the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards 2013

2 men really stuck out for me during the awards. I have chosen them as my best dressed for the awards for the guys. I’ve chosen them because they both remind me of old school Hollywood at its best.
First up is Bradley Cooper wearing Tom Ford. When he showed up on the carpet he was wearing a great pair of sunnies that just made him look even cooler. Seriously the guy is good looking and Hardly puts a fashion foot wrong. Not to mention he chooses great roles.


My second choice is Ben Affleck in a 3 piece Gucci suit. This is really cool and glam. He looked great. I live that he didn’t shave and kept the beard. It works so well. Big winner on the night in fashion and for Argo.