I started this blog 4 years ago to to share my love of entertainment, fashion, photography and life experiences. I also hope to start a wonderful career of being an entertainment and fashion reporter/writer.

I have always had a passion for writing and always had a passion for the entertainment industry. I think I talk more about celebrities and movies/tv than I do real life people.

As Penny Lane once said  “Famous people are just more interesting”. Not 100% true but man did she seem cool saying it.

Fashion has always been in my veins too, I absolutely adore fashion. It is such an expression of your mood. It is everyday wearable art.

The movies we watch, the tv shows we get invested in, the books we transport into, the clothes we model and the photos we double tap all reveal who we are and/or aspire to be. I find it is such a personal and different experience to each individual. There is no right or wrong it is exploration.

I have worked 10 years as a Stylist/Fashion Store Manager and am a self declared entertainment queen.

These are my musings and my opinions. I hope you enjoy reading them.

“It’s all happening” – Penny Lane, Almost Famous.


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