Ok so I’m not a huge tanning girl. I’m a pale dark haired girl (yes from Australia, we’re not all sun hogs) who sometimes like the benefit of having a tan.
I have never gone to a tanning salon. I have only ever used self tan lotions at home. I don’t do it all the time. Only really for special occasions and if I feel like it. Sometimes honestly it’s too much effort.
It does give you a different look completely. I went blonde at one stage and I wish I was tanning back then. I think the blonde would have suited me a lot better with a tan.
Prime example would be Anna Paquin. She is a fair skinned brunette from New Zealand, then she gets cast in True Blood and is almost unrecognisable as Sookie Stackhouse, the tanned blonde waitress from Bon Temps.

She is my tanning style icon!!!
She looks incredible both pale and tanned. If she can pull off blonde like its her natural hair colour then I sure as hell can too.
It will take me a while to get back to blonde though as its so damaging on my dark hair. But there is hope. For now I will just start tanning regularly so I can get used to doing it. Make it apart of my routine.
My tan of choice is St. Tropez. I love their lotions, they smell great and are easy to apply.
My next hurdle will be tanning lotion for my face. Wish me luck.
Take a look at Anna Paquin’s transformation below.


Garden of Good and Evil

Garden of Good and Evil

Red prom gown

Ela Stone black bracelet

Oasis black jewelry
$19 – oasis-stores.com

Framed wall art

T – 1.5 hours to 30.

So I turn 30 in less than 2 hours. So long 29. So many different feelings about turning the big 3 0.
I’ve always been pretty head strong so I don’t feel too different in that sense. People I speak to say ‘you find out who you are in your 30’s and learn not to be pushed around’. Sorry peeps, that happened in high school!
I don’t take crap and I don’t care if people like what I like. I like it and that’s enough for me.
I will on the other hand use my age as an excuse to get me out of things I don’t want to be at *cough town nightlife cough*.
I think now I can actually say ‘kids today’, ‘those kids’ and not get looked at funny cos now I’m 30!
I will also be using my 30’s to finally do all the things I want to do. Achieve all the goals I want to. I was not a huge partier in my 20’s but it flew by anyway. 30 means it’s time for business (and fun).
I think I’m ready for it. What I do know for sure is that I will tackle it head on. I will change what I don’t like in my life and I will better it. This is my time and my life!
30 is the new 20! Fully fledged adult now.

My First Tattoo

I’ve been obsessing about getting a tattoo since as early as I can remember. When I would get my TV Hits and Big Hit magazines as a teenager I would always be delighted when there were temporary tattoos included as the freebie. I would run upstairs and start putting them on and carefully setting the placement.
I have known for a whole what I have wanted to get. Nothing too big in size. Just nice, small and dainty.
Now my dad would ways say that I couldn’t get one whilst I was living under his roof. Haha he’s not the biggest fan of tattoos. I would say ‘I’ll get one where you can’t see it so you’ll never know’. I think he would.
When I finally moved out I was way too poor as anyone who moves out of home can tell you.
Soothe image my goal to get a tattoo before my 30th birthday. The girls at work were wondering what to get me so I said ‘Oh my goodness you should get me a voucher to get a tattoo!’.
Well the girls accepted this mission haha. So 5 days before my birthday after having a terrible week at work one if my staff members comes in with my present. A voucher for a tattoo. Yay! I received said voucher on Friday. The girls had one more surprise. They had booked me an appointment for the next morning. 9:30 nice and early. Oh my god! What to do. Well I decided to stick with this appointment and get it over with otherwise I would chicken out. I’m not the greatest with pain. I don’t even like massages. However I have dropped a huge acrylic block in my foot breaking my toe and cutting it open to have blood pour everywhere. I’ve also sliced my foot with glass in a nightclub. Maybe I’m tougher than I think.
Anyway, bright and early Saturday morning my friend rocks up and we go around the corner to the new tattoo parlour that is getting great business and do amazing designs (I e looked at their page many many times). We rock up and wait patiently and finally it’s time! I fill out the paperwork, show the girl what I want and off we go!
So very nervous and excited all at the same time.
Now yes there was some pain but it wasn’t too bad. I was smiling, closing my eyes and tapping away to the music to distract myself. Then literally maybe one minute later it was all over!
Small tattoos are great. So quick!
I’m so proud of myself and glad I did it before my 30th.