Mrs. Doubtfire sequel

So news has just emerged that a sequel to the early 90′s hit Mrs. Doubtfire is in the works at Fox 2000 and Robin Williams is slated to reappear. While I LOVED the movie I have really given any thought to a sequel. To me it didn’t seem like it needed one. However if it is to happen, the only thing I want to see is the original cast back in their roles. Storyline of course has to be great, but for me doing this sequel without the original family would be weird. Mostly I just want to see the beautiful and talented Matthew Lawrence back on the big screen :) I absolutely fell in love with his character in this movie and became a fan of the actor instantly. It also helped that his brother was in Blossom. That is my only request to the movie making gods, Matthew Lawrence must be in the movie. That is all and can’t wait to see it. 

What clubs and the people in them look like as you approach 30

So I’m just 6 months shy of my 30th birthday and I’m finding that I’m becoming more and more intolerable of the club scene.
Now I’ve never been huge into partying anyway. Give me a great DVD and some good company and I’m fine. In saying that I do love to dance and like having a drink at a nice bar. One where you can hear the person next to you without either of you having to shout and the music isn’t blaring.
I’ve always been like this. I went out a few times between the ages of 18-21. Then I was done.
Until I was around 25, then I started venturing out to the clubs with my new batch of friends.
Different company different experience. I felt a little better about it but I was still not 100% comfortable.
Now as I’m nearing my 30th birthday I’m starting to really dislike the club scene the second I get there.
The pushing and shoving, the random guy grabbing my butt, the TERRIBLE music, the drunk guys who think they are gods gift! Guess what guys you aren’t! Just tonight I had a friend of a friend say to me ‘you’re the girl get me a drink’. I don’t handle drunk guys very well on a good day so he totally got a mouthful from me tonight. The guy just wouldn’t let up and was extremely rude so I got a little angry. And rightfully so.
Guys you are not charming when you’re drunk and rude and obnoxious! Actually it makes you extremely unattractive. Now this could also be attributed to the fact that he’s all of say 21. But age should be no excuse. 3 of the other 21 year olds out tonight were absolutely lovely. One was very drunk yes but still polite. None of those three were disrespectful. Yes there are guys my age who are absolute jerks as well but the majority out in town are younger ‘fresh blood’ on the scene.
Bottom line is:
I do not need to impress a 21 year old. I do not have have time for your games.
I do not want a one night stand.
I do not want to be disrespected.
Where are all the real men, the gentlemen who treat a woman with the respect they deserve.
As I sat outside a bar tonight watching all the young girls walk past in the most atrocious and un-classy clothing, and seeing all the ‘boys’ NOT men walk past I realized as I near 30 one man had it absolutely right the whole time. As Murtaugh so eloquently puts it in ‘Lethal Weapon’: ‘I’m too old for this shit’.
I don’t think I’m being unreasonable. A little respect to me and to yourself will go a long way.

Food for thought

As children we are taught all about ‘stranger danger’. Never talk to someone you don’t know. As we get older we pass this on to the younger generation and are adamant they follow it.
Then as an adult you are walking down the street or in the shopping centre and a STRANGER walks past and says ‘hi’ and you’re meant to say ‘hi’ back. If you don’t you’re considered rude. Seriously what the hell!! Does this crazy to anyone else or is it just me?!

What to do…

So today is The Oscars. This is my Super Bowl. However as I have to wait to watch this until tonight with my bestie I am on a total social media ban for the next 11 hours!
To keep myself busy I’m currently watching Ghost Hunters, watched Gossip this morning, have got The Walking Dead to watch in 3 hours then what to do.
Wash hair, organise clothes, vaccume/mop, boring. Or watch DVDs. Maybe go to the corner store and get a packet mix and make cake. Ugh! Gonna be a long day!

Justin Timberlake the 20/20 Experience World Tour

Guess who’s coming down under!!!!! Tickets go on sale this week!
Tour is going to be the same month as my 30th, I see a double party!
Cannot wait! As you can surely tell from all my exclamation marks.


Jake Gyllenhall – No reason, just because….

Those eyes, that smile….



Mmmmmmmmmm. Not only absolutely adorable but seriously talented actor!

Monday TV!!

How much am I looking forward to Monday? Soooooooo much!!!!

Monday nights have long been my favourite night for tv watching but this Monday it’s insane! So insane I have shows recording on 2 different devices because each one can only record 2 programs at a time and that’s not just going to work for me! First world problems I know but get I don’t play sport or am in a community club so give me something to invest in.

So here’s how my Monday (RDO) looks:

The Walking Dead at lunch time (straight after the US) love fast tracked shows!
The return if my FAVOURITE brothers,
Hart Of Dixie (wade and zoe hurry up already!)
Franklin & Bash
good thing American Horror Story and Mistresses finished otherwise i’d be in for a third device needed to record shows.

Of course I can’t watch them all on that night. Well the last three shows I’ll watch in the following days but the top ones I’m going to be into it.

I just wanted to take a quick second to say that I’m absolutely loving True Detective. What a great show, fantastic cast and filmed beautifully.
Also I’m sad to see The Michael J Fox Show cancelled. I’ve really loved watching MJF back on my tv screen (was a little in love with Alex P Keaton growing up), I hope this doesn’t end his return to acting. Such a talented actor needs to be seen.

Interested to hear what shows all my readers are loving at the moment. Leave a comment and let’s discuss our favorite shows.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!!


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